The potential of a weekend’s pages

Happy freaking Tuesday. Yes, it is Saturday in my world, but it’s still just a freaking Tuesday. It has been a hard time coming, and I’m even more pleased than I usually am at this point during the week. Last week I had the two project pieces to contend with, so it has been two weeks since I had two days off just to write what I want to write. Plus, this work week was one of the longest I’ve worked in the last decade–quite possibly even the longest; I worked y age in hours–and the time away from the keyboard that causes contributes to the satisfaction of getting here.

Aside from spending time with my family, this is my favorite place to be in the whole world. Here is where I do what I do. I spoke of Maslow recently, his Hierarchy of Needs; I think my self-actualization needs are probably less than average–I am pretty pleased with who I am and my level of accomplishment–and this is where those feelings are built. This is where you help me build those feelings.

I’ve heard your comments about posting too much for you to keep up with me, and while I think I’m going to start squirreling some rainy day pieces, I’ve seen that more posts means more traffic, so I’m just gonna get it out there. You don’t have to worry about catching up; if you don’t, there will always be something new for you to read or watch here.

By the time I go back to work Thursday, we should have touched on bees and the importance of being on time; plus, I hope to get the review of last week’s album written and this week’s too. I haven’t had a lot of music time in the last nine or ten days, but what time I’ve had has been spent with the album I was going to review last week, and I’m so jazzed to finally write about it and get it checked off the list. I believe that it might be the beginning of a bigger work, potentially book-length.

All of this fills me with a sense of excitement, and I hope you faithful few are excited as well. If you are, I hope you tell a friend. Sorry to make this a point of sale, but this is about traffic, and you have proven to be willing and able to help with that; I hope that continues.

I’m not praying that God smiles on you today, because I know He will; rather, I’m praying that you get yourself out of the way so you can feel it.

Much love and many thanks, beautiful people. See you in a few minutes.


2 Replies to “The potential of a weekend’s pages”

  1. I’ll tell you that I don’t come here everyday, but when I do, I basically binge read everything I’ve missed. (Keep reading, my friends.) I then revisit some of your posts after that.

    I’ll keep doing what I can to help while you keep on trucking.

    1. And I appreciate it, man. No sense writing if nobody is reading. Don’t forget about the physics poem I told you about, “…and it all goes back to the scattering.” It’s for us geeks. I am also partial to a couple other recent poems, “She never made it as a teacher” and “On this date in history.”

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