Moments in time for an earth tone kind of guy–a poem

Just how the mind works sometimes.


I’m an earth tone kind of guy

I hate it when my feet are cold

and my greatest fear is suffocation

I gotta pick up a kid who is sick at school

in a car a with a plastic-covered window that won’t roll up

and half yard still to mow

I gotta deliver fundraiser cookies

and cook us some lunch,

make sure the animals are fed,

and be on time for work.

But somehow I still feel the need

to jump through these hoops made of words.

4 Replies to “Moments in time for an earth tone kind of guy–a poem”

    1. Gracias por las palabras y el epanol. No tener mucha oportunidad ecribir o leer la lengua estos dias, y mi usage del idioma no esta muy practicado. Asi… Que le vaya bien.

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