Fonts–a poem

This is another one of those from the 2000/2001 period. It may not seem like much to average people, but I think the students of writing out there will know just what I’m getting at. Much love, friends.



I had conformed to Times New Roman,

knowing that,

being that it was always the one that

came up first on the computer,

they’d only chosen it out of laziness.

I soon became as lazy as they;

and I now cringe to see

old friends like Arial and Verdana.

2 Replies to “Fonts–a poem”

    1. I don’t anymore, but I think I did then because I would want to use them but know that professors wouldn’t allow it. The fonts themselves were probably not cringe-worthy; rather, my not being allowed to use them was. I think that might have been it; the perspective is much different for a college student or someone writing for a rigid editor.

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