A note to first time readers and what to read on here

Beautiful people,

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may have the notion that this is just two previously published posts stuck together and re-posted. You’re exactly right. Still, we’re constantly doing new things to bring new people in, so we’ll just have this from time to time. Sorry about that.


My efforts of today should bring some people to the site for the first time. Folks, the categories to your right should help you if you want to delve deeper into the site. The posts in the “Humorous hopefully” and “Music” categories have been well received. “The Situation with Phillip” refers to the novel I’m currently shopping around; there is even a synopsis on here.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to share anything you like to your social media pages.

Much love.


“What should I read when I get there?” is a question I’m occasionally asked when people tell me they’re going to check out this website for the first time. So, here’s a list of some pieces that have been well received to this point, as well as some pieces I prefer.

Let me know when you’re finished with these, Charlie, and I’ll make you up another list.

Much love, beauties.

  • All of these posts can be found by using the search field.


Humorous hopefully category 

Finnegan’s lure

Simon’s worms

SHs and DWs

Another Story about Shoplifting Grapes

Unnecessary Barriers


Music and Album Reviews (Bands and Performers of focus)

Bee Gees

Stephen Simmons

Tom Petty

Pink Floyd

Dave Matthews Band


Pearl Jam

Hall and Oates

Billy Joel

Joe Walsh

JJ Cale



On this date in history…

She never made it as a teacher



Downstairs in the Fridge


Reasons to Slam*

Concert of the Night

Bambino’s Clubhouse*

Born inside a song*


*There are video spoken word performances of these pieces in the “Audio and Video”  category.


So, there’s a list. Hope it helps. I love all of these pieces, and I love you all to pieces..

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