Homicidal Etiquette–a poem

Long time readers of my work might remember this piece originally being shaped like a tree. That won’t work here. Still, I hope you find it interesting. Thanks for reading.


Homicidal Etiquette (An ode to murder in Kanawha State Forest)

Thanks to Davy “the Forestbard” Jones; sorry we never made it by.


They say you can see her spirit

on the big rock down Dunlop Holler

on the seventeenth of June.

In glowing white, I imagine.

The anniversary of her death, I guess.

I never knew her.

I do know where the Hangin’ Tree is though;

it’s over on Campsite 35

with two arms reaching toward Heaven,

maybe asking for forgiveness.

Why would someone use

such a piece of  beauty

to accomplish such an ugly deed?

People shouldn’t be hanged from trees.

They should be hanged from

metal bars or heads of

showers in rented hotel rooms.

Humanity caused the hate;

its devices should be used to end it,

not something as lovely as this.

I’ll speak to her about this on

the seventeenth of June,

if she happens to show.












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