9 Replies to ““Child’s Play” video”

      1. HI paulelmo! hv no news about you for last two days.Hp every thing is fine with you.Pl also tell me the Indian time when i sould send my post so that you read them conviniently and with ease.

      2. Yeah, just a busy time at work and getting ready for the holiday. You’ll hear from me in the next couple of days. Much love, my friend. Keep that faith.

    1. Ravi, Thanks so much. “Splendid” and “superb” are two excellent words to hear, or feel, any time, but they are especially uplifting so early in the day. (We’re 10.5 hours behind you, so it’s not quite nine.) I so appreciate your coming and reading, and I appreciate all of your uplifting words and vibes, both in your comments and in your own writing. You’ve really had a positive influence on my life lately; it means a lot, and it matters.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Love and prayers from Pennsylvania?

      Btw, what is the area, city, province, state, or whatever of India that you live in? Thanks.


    2. Thanks for your quick reply.Its great to hear that you r getting ready for holiday,Hv fun and enjoy your holidays.
      May god always give you all the happiness in your life.
      Merry Christmas to you and your son.

      love and love only

    1. Thanks, bro; Paulie really did a bang-up job with the video. Watch for more of these. Doing it this way is easier, because I can do my work and then he can do his, two rooms like Elton and Bernie. Thanks for the feedback, bro. Good luck on finals.

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