The prayer emoji–or is that an avatar? Don’t ask me, I’m old

Just in case…

If some bad thing would happen to befall me or any of my family members, say I lost my job or pray tell someone got sick or something–anything that might warrant someone to offer prayer–please don’t send me a prayer emoji (that praying hands avatar with the blue shirt on) and then not pray. If you’re going to pray and you send it to say that, it’s one thing, but if you’re just sending the emoji and not actually praying, then I’d just rather you not. I’m sure God can read emoji well enough, but I don’t see where it would have any force with Him if it doesn’t come with some actual prayer. I don’t know the whole Bible, but I’ve been exposed to a good bit of it, and I don’t remember anything about lifting your voice to Heaven in emoji, or anything like that.

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