Neeto Muskeeto–a poem

This one is from ’96, and despite being published in pulse and my doing it a couple of times live back when I opened for The Pharmacy–those were my first spoken word gigs, which date back to New Year’s Eve ’98–it hasn’t seen the light of day much. This one was always one that others dug more than I did. I cleaned it up some today, and it sits better with me than it ever has. Hope you enjoy it. You’re more than welcome to share it.

Neeto Muskeeto


I am Neeto Muskeeto as I go gliding through this day on the Day-Glo funk and the beaten jazz that the old boys love to play, that zydeco twang and Latin vibe I use to light my way, to fuel my legs and light my smile. Progress, through music, made.


I am Neeto Muskeeto, won’t you join me for a while. Won’t you step inside and find a piece that once has made you smile. Forget yourself and the world outside, so hindered by time and miles. Step into a world where music rules spirits that aren’t defiled.


Carlos is Neeto Muskeeto as he wraps his chords around “Evil Ways,” the message of the lyrics a thing of the past, the vibe of the music brand new today, for us to use to free ourselves. Won’t you step inside and play?


You can be Neeto Muskeeto and go gliding through your day on sounds of your own or others you’ve loved; the choice is yours to make, and an easy one too, the soul being born of a tune, which clears the cobwebs and locates the center, which is the best of you.


Then we can be Neeto Muskeeto, which is really what I wish, breaking physical barriers and alienation; destroying all that shit.  That would be neeto muskeeto.


I am Neeto Muskeeto; won’t you join me for a while?

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