Roman numerals–a poem from the archives

Roman Numerals

If I were a Roman,

I would still not use Roman numerals

because they’re stupid.

Actually, I think I’d be

more tolerant than that–

no sense throwing out

the baby with the bath water–

the first VIII are fine;

it’s when you get to the whole

“I” before “E” except after “C” aspect

that I cease to have use for the whole system.


Twenty-nine, XXIX, might be thirty-one, XXXI,

to a dyslexic person,

but what did the Romans know about dyslexic people?

They probably just called them dim

and set them near a street with a sign and a cup.


I’d be right along beside them of course,

seemingly just as dim

because somebody might have asked me

what you get when you add

seventeen and forty-four,

and I said

“I don’t know;

I can’t count past eight.”


I’m working on a nonfiction book proposal today, so you’ll just be getting this from the archives this morning. I hope you find something of value here. Hopefully I’ll be back with new stuff for the evening’s post. This is just a little light humor in an oftentimes too serious world. Share it if you want. Much love, and prayers for great blessings today.

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