Just trying to make a difference

It’s 12:33 AM Monday Morning, that which is still my Sunday night, and I’m all out of sorts with the tiredness. Tonight I worked what would normally be the fourth night of my work week, but this week it was only my third, as I took Thursday night off and will be working Wednesday night instead.

Life’s so full. Thursday was Finn’s Christmas concert, which went excellently well. It was also Isaak’s first orchestra performance. Isaak is our nephew. He plays violin. I saw both performances twice, seeing them also during their tour of the school district’s elementary schools on Wednesday. Finn had a speaking part during the Wednesday performance, and he had a solo in both, even though I didn’t catch it either time. He’d played it for me at the house, and they don’t give them to work with when it comes to solos these days. I’d probably be stretching it if I said his solo lasted eight seconds. None of the solos were long enough for the kids to stand up during them; in fact, the only reason I know there were solos was that Finn told me there were prior.

Still, whether I recognized them when they happened or not, I know they were all good, because all of it was good. In fact, there was no sign of that cliche that we sometimes associate with school band concerts, which is that they suck.

No part of these performances was anything less than impressive. I was blown away by the level of proficiency achieved by these large groups of children. These weren’t just a couple handfuls of children. This was a large band, a large orchestra, and a large choir, and I can’t recall a misplaced note among the 12 or 15 numbers they performed between them.

Friday was a normal day, here writing during the day and then work Friday night, from which we arrived home at about 1:30, only to have to be back up at six to go back to the restaurant for the St. Jude pancake breakfast. We did get some time at the house after the breakfast, and I even got an hour nap. I wouldn’t have keeled over if I hadn’t gotten that nap, but it certainly helped today.

Arriving home at about the same time last night, only to have to be up this morning for more writing before I was off with Finn to Cotoctin for the first wrestling tournament of the season. He was 1-2, pinning one opponent, being pinned by another, and losing his last match on points. He didn’t place, and I wouldn’t have even gotten the chance to see him, because I had to leave for work before he even wrestled the first time.

So, it was off to work again; I pulled that shift and now here it is at 12:33 in the AM, and I’m trying to get a few words in so I can get up in the morning and put the finishing touches on my latest analysis article for Lending Times, and Becky is getting her run in because this is the first chance she has had to so so.

So, when I write a piece like “This One’s for You is not only a Barry Manilow song,” I do so knowing from experience the great lengths you’re going to for your kids. So many of you were traveling for sports and other competitions or adding hours to the end of the week preparing for Christmas, all of those things that we do for our kids because they can’t do them for themselves.

I know you’re out there at it, and I applaud you and thank you for doing those things that so often remain thankless. I know you’re not doing anything for thanks, because I know that Becky and I aren’t doing these things for thanks; still, thanks just the same. Lord knows your kids probably won’t think to say it, so I will. Keep it up; it really makes a difference. When they speak of the difference makers, take heart that you are among that number. Anybody says otherwise, just send them my way; I clue them in. Do me a favor though, ask them if they wouldn’t mind waiting til morning so I can get a little sleep.

Be well, my friends, and stay strong. Much love for a stellar Monday.

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