June 22, 2018–but you know that

I feel kind of silly for even mentioning it; of course you know already. You may have even checked online to see when they will announce the earliest possible date you can buy tickets. I haven’t done that yet, but that I’m just posting this shows that I’m not too adroit at hitting the breaking news. I don’t know exactly when this dropped, but it had to have been sometime yesterday because Finn didn’t mention it yesterday morning when I walked into the office at 6:30 to find him at the computer. Always the early riser, Finn is already in the office catching up on things when I walk in, and I don’t get up too late myself. If it had happened before yesterday, I would have heard it then.

This is early morning time is important time, especially those three days a week when the only time I see him will be before school, and it’s important because how else would I know all of this fantastic stuff necessary to be a ten year old boy? I see all the latest trick shots made or records set by Ultimate Frisbee champion Bodie Smith and those guys from Dude Perfect, and I know about a new series of Pokemon cards earlier than most folks. You know, the important stuff.

And now this of course. Yes, we knew the date, but now it’s official because the trailer has been released, the official trailer, which makes it officially official, and I just love the level of comfort in knowing that on that date, June 22nd of next year, any free human will be able to walk into a movie theater in this beloved land of ours and pay $8.50–price adjusted to fluctuations in cost of living–to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

And that trailer…not just official, but thrilling. The thought of a kingdom, which has fallen–that right there is enough drama to get me by itself–and then a volcano and all those fierce dinosaurs run amok, chasing people with the hopes of eating them; and Chris Pratt, a dude’s so cool he’s in the Guardians of the Galaxy films too; and then there’s that drama surrounding that dinosaur from the last film that was his favorite and then went all instinctual and turned bad–I think; how do they expect us to wait until June to find out if Chris Pratt’s attempts to rekindle the friendship with the dinosaur–Blue?–succeed or if he loses a hand?

Maybe we should think about a support group. And I didn’t even get to the baryonyx–I’ll have to check the spelling on that–who knew that it was the smallest of the spinosaur line or that it had claws that are a foot long? You probably did of course; you probably knew all of this. I feel silly for even mentioning it.

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