June 22, 2018–clarification

So, of course I was jesting when I wrote about the new Jurassic World movie this morning. Finn’s excited about it, so Simon will get excited about it, and by the time it comes around the whole family will be quite ready for the happening. I, of course, will be looking forward to it because, the first one being ample proof, I can gets me a good long nap in a Jurassic World movie.

This time around I’ll be better prepared than I was with the first one. I gave that one somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 minutes–it wasn’t as long as a half hour–before I was like “Nope.”

Now, I’m notorious for sleeping through the kids’ movies. Some of them are good enough to keep me engaged enough to stay awake–I recall Zootopia being one of those–but a good bit of them don’t get much but my eyelids.

And I’m cool with that. It’s all about what you place value on. I recall us being in a toy store after we’d been to a film–it had been Johnny Depp in that first Alice in Wonderland movie; talk about a good place to sleep, that movie should have been a hammock–and the clerk overheard about us talking about me sleeping through the movie, so she said, “You paid $8.50 for a nap?” I told her I’d rather pay $8.50 for a nap than a movie any day of the week.

With a movie, you don’t know what you’re going to get, while I can’t think of a nap I’ve had that I wouldn’t have paid $8.50 for…period. Even the shortest nap I can recall was worth more than that.

So, yeah, I sleep through the bad ones. To date, that Johnny Depp film has to have the record for the fastest I’ve gone to sleep. There are two things I didn’t do with that one: I didn’t wait ten minutes, and I didn’t wake back up. I woke up occasionally of course–it’s hard to just sleep for two hours in a theater–but I only woke up long enough to say “Sweet, I can go back to sleep.”

Planet 51 was another movie I didn’t make it long into, and it probably had the record before the AIW film.

But then you have June 22, 2018 ahead, and that announcement. Am I excited? Of course I’m excited; I’ma be lookin’ to set a record.

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