If we could just be like amoebas…—verses of universal desire

He said “Meet me by the river, and we’ll both see where it goes;
we’ll follow it to all the ends it has in store.”
He tried to hug away the shivers,
as the wind off the water rose;
tried to hold her so tightly
that the difference between them was no more.

If we could just be like amoebas
was how his thoughts then ran,
if we could just pour each other through the space between;
if we could just break down these barriers,
you merge with me, and I with you,
that’s the point we get to in my dreams.

They went walking along the water’s length,
her hand in his and his in hers,
and no matter how tightly he held to her
there was still that distance that he cursed.
and no matter how much they saw eye to eye,
they were still two minds,
each with thoughts of its own.


And even though they were both thinking
about how they would love to merge and become one,
they could not,
so they went on walking along that water,
two together, but one with it all,
lamenting the existence of multiple cells.

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