Indeed–a poem; from the archives



Battling the battles of bottle and pipe

On this warrior-strewn battlefield, night after night.

Wishing and hoping the world would stand still

While battling these battles of habit and will.

Fighting the fight of the victims, despite

Being taught in our youths the wrong from the right.

Remembering a time when we did what we liked

And fighting the fight of the pissed off, tonight.

Praying the prayers of the praying ones we’d be

If to prayer we were prone…to prayer prone, indeed.

These are we; this is the bar’s face this eve,

Battling, fighting, and praying, indeed.


This has been posted here before, but it was quite well received, and it’s also a favorite of mine, so I figured some of those who haven’t seen it might like it. Plus, it’s short enough that, if you have read it, you might be finished reading it again before you even realize it. Hope you have a great and blessed day, beautiful people.


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