Off of and behind us

Off Of and Behind Us

(For a Friend in Time of Trouble, but It’s Really for All of Us)


Come on you prayers and

Warm thought thinkers,

You mystic seers and

Deep down drinkers

Of life.


Come on you poets and

Pure-hearted singers,

You sunny day skippers

And better day dreamers

With hope.


Come on you lovers,

You fathers and mothers,

Brothers, sisters, and

“Give me a dozen, cousin” is what

Scottie Wallace used to yell

From the production bin at McDonald’s

Back when we were all still young

And didn’t think that

Stuff like this

could happen to

cats like us.

Come on down, Scottie Wallace.


Come on you fliers,

You good news buyers,

You Captain Fantastics and

Secret admirers

Of love.


Come on you pickers, you grinners

You cheerful losers

and graceful winners,

you laughter abusers

And Saturday sinners.

Come on down.

Come on down.


We’re all at the house,

So come on down.

You ain’t even gotta

Get up off the couch

To join hands

With our circle,

To share these searching sounds.


Come on down and

Hear us say this:

“That’s okay;

Bring on the bad of it.

We’ll just have to have a bit of faith

That it’s all going to

Prove a blessing,

Somewhere along life’s way.”

As we frolic through the fields

Of all that crap as it

Falls off of and behind us.


I wrote this sometime in the past. I’m not exactly sure when, but I think it was in the last couple of years. Being on Facebook, I see so many people dealing with hardship, and when looking for something new to post it kind of fit. I’m praying for you all. This is just a reminder that sometimes God’s greatest blessings come from our greatest struggles and adversity. Still, difficult life is difficult life, and it’s tough getting through sometimes; my prayer is that there is reward for you struggles. Love from PA.



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