Trespasser–a poem


The sign on the door read

“Do Not Enter”

Trespassers not welcomed here

And the sign had been respected

And the room laid vacant

for what had then been many years.


But just like every rule

Meant to be broken

An exception to it there must come

And the twist of a lock

Released a lifetime of emotions

And his world came undone.

Like an unruly child

She didn’t heed the warnings

And entered where no one had tread

And he paid with price with indecision,

this battle between heart and head.


The Trespasser

Quietly she stalked

The Trespasser

Sickily she talked

The Trespasser

Never meaning harm

The Trespasser.


In the days that passed

There ensued a game of chance

Reality versus romance

But the reality for him

Was that he couldn’t win

For her place was with another man.


A lesson was learned

By this troubled young man

Who had vowed to let no one in

The door may be opened

And the room may be entered

But it’s yourself on whom you depend.



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