If ever I knew a romantic thought–a poem

Another old one, as I have five Lending Times projects on my desk. I wrote this when Becky and I were first getting to know each other. I doubt she has ever even seen it. Hope you find it worth the time. Much love.


Our conversations fill my mind

With only two thoughts:

This is a lady of impressive

character and carefully guarded behavior.

Some wouldn’t find those to be

Romantic thoughts, but

I say that’s just what they are

How very romantic is the notion of

Impressive character-

Just that, literally-

In this collection of shadows

Among whom we live

How very idealistic it is

To expect folks to

Guard their behavior carefully


Yes, these are romantic thoughts.

And they do fill my head,

Just these two thoughts,

Which allow for no other thought

Except for that which

Fuel the pen,

And tells their story.


The next thought that is

Permitted to speak

Is this:

I hope I get to speak with you again soon.

Now that, that there, that’s a romantic thought.

If ever I knew one.


4 Replies to “If ever I knew a romantic thought–a poem”

  1. You rock, Ravi. And this will be my last communication before sleep. The wonder of this beautifully spinning planet, eh? Hope your Friday is everything you hope. We’ll talk soon. Warm thoughts and prayers.

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