A weapon of words–a poem

Let’s make this one about

more than just

words on pages.

Let’s make this one about

where the words go

when they leave the page,

about how they present themselves

in the world

into which they’re read.

What do they say to

the folks who hear them?

Do they carry a message

of positive notes?

Is it one that inspires its listeners

to be better, to be more?

Does it remind its audience that

ours is a nation at war

in a perilous world?

A message that

reminds that battles and revolutions

aren’t fought solely with guns

that they are thought with

pens and brushes and cameras and guitars

and bodies able and voices strong.

Hollywood Jack told us to

pick up a weapon and stand a post.

Wouldn’t it be great if

the words, when they left the page,

became a weapon

against ignorance and forgetfulness,

against all that is

uncaring or aloof

to our serious situation,

a weapon against

just letting it all happen

without at least trying to say something.


Not my usual fare, this dates back to 2005. Fresh words tomorrow, friends. Stay warm and be good to each other. I’ll see you then.

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