Not the man I thought I was—a song

I was so pleased to find out
I was not the man I thought I was
Back when I didn’t think much of me,
That I had more of a chance
To turn into
The man I’d hoped to be,
That I’d poured myself into prisons
From which I could be freed.

There was a demon in the glass
Above the basin,
There were demons in the glass
He clutched in his desperate hand;
There was a monster I turned into
Who wore the same sad face and
There was nothing inside but fear
That the monster would kill the man.

I told myself I’d make it through,
But I don’t think I ever believed it.
I told myself I’d win
The battle being waged
I told myself the future
Would be better than the present,
But I chose again unwisely
When I tried to ease the pain.


I left the past behind
I got a brand new mind
I live life in the now,
Wish I could show them how.
We got a kid in school
We follow all the rules.
We go to bed each night
Feeling all kinds of right.

You said “Take me by the hand,
we’ll go together.
You said “Let’s see where this road
leads to up ahead.”
You said, “If you look up there just so,
you can see forever,
and the peace and serene things
will vanquish all the dread.”


If I’m not mistaken these are the first actual song lyrics I’ve ever put on this blog. Usually when I write song lyrics, it’s because Bill Dean (Split Nixon, Ship of Fools, Identity Crisis) needs something for an album he is working on. This is something I wrote within the last six year–Finn was in school. I have a melody in my head for it, but that’s just because the meter lends itself to such. Many melodies could work with such easy to read cadence. So, if you read it and you want to work it up, let me know I’d love to hear what someone can do with it.

More Lending Times work today, friends, but I should have something here come the evening. Hope you have a pleasantly rockin’ Friday. Best wishes from here.

2 Replies to “Not the man I thought I was—a song”

  1. ‘ I live life in the now, I got a brand new mind’-I really appreciate your thought procees. which is always innovative and fresh.This is what is needed in 2dys life to live happily.

    1. It certainly works for us, doesn’t it? Thanks always, Ravi. I joke with friends that I’m getting “big in India,” but that’s mostly just you and PurplePants. You folks are great. If you ever want to share something of mine–and have the time-space, please feel free. Thanks again. Prayers and warm thoughts always.

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