Scene from a Bar–a poem

Whiskey drank and herbs inhaled

And he and she

In the bedroom of disrespect.


Clothing lost

Along the path

With guilt they might collect.

Bodies sweating,

Slapped together

With Ginsbergian intensity.


What did you say your name is?


Something short for a Saturday evening, while we watch the Gettysburg wrestlers in action. I wrote this about a specific incident, but it’s a scene I’ve seen more often than I care to. Hope you’re well. Thanks for reading.

2 Replies to “Scene from a Bar–a poem”

    1. Sad, really, from my perspective. Infidelity is less of a reality in my bar than in other, but it is still an ugly reality I see at times. Sometimes the view isn’t the greatest from behind the bar. Much love, Ravi. Thanks for helping me remain inportant,’s humbling to know I matter.

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