Without the need of feet–a poem

I died tonight in a pool of words
I died up on a stage
I spent the last pennies of my soul
in a release of pain and rage.
I said it all, I said the last,
until nothing there was left.
My mind let go and my soul released
to a place of greater rest.
It’s good to go beyond the words;
it’s good to go beyond the need
to write my mind, to ease my soul,
to have no demons left to feed.
It’s good to dance with the wave and the ray
without the need of feet.
It’s good to be one with all those souls
I never got to meet.
It’s good to lose the weight
of the worries and the stress;
it’s good to know
I came and gave my best.
It’s good to know
I came and gave my best.


I’m so pleased to find this old nugget. I wrote it during a spoken word night at the Empty Glass, back in 2005. It’s another one of those that I had forgotten how much I write. Thematically for me, it fits right in there with all of the spoken word pieces that I wrote with performance on the Glass stage in mind. I hope you like it. Be well.

2 Replies to “Without the need of feet–a poem”

  1. I like it very much. I wish I could more easily step free of my mind’s bonds to be open to expressing it all.
    Well done my friend.

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