Unbottle it–a poem


Image result for photos of a man writing

Unbottle it.

Full throttle it.

Toss it on the page.

Don’t baby it;

don’t coddle it.

Get that shit out of

and off of you.

Let loose the demons,

the unrealized dreams and

Wishes for cleaner insides,

Some semblance of peace in mind.


2 Replies to “Unbottle it–a poem”

  1. Hi Pa! Nice poem. Short but great message.
    By the way, did you read my yesterday’s post-“How to give the best upbringing to your Son to avoid his Resentment towards you”.If not please read it and comment.

    Have a grt day!

    1. Ravi, I’ll get to that today. I was at work for 13 hours yesterday, and I pretty much came home, at me, and crashed. I did see the title, and I’m certain it’s a good one. Thanks always, friend. Be well and blessed, brother.

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