Where I am at present

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I think that’s an interesting title for a post, “Where I am at present.” Not that it’s a question, but more interesting to me is the answer, which is, “Not here I’m afraid.” By that, I mean that I’m not here, at the website; at least I’m not here as much as I want to be. I don’t think that’s going to change much in the next few days, if ever.

If it doesn’t change back to the way it was at all, that will be for a good reason; it will be proof that the experiment is working. I’m getting more work from Lending Times–and the soon to drop Blockchain Times–than I was, and it seems like I’ll be getting as much as I can handle, to a point of course. There was even the brief notion of my training to be the editor of LT,  but the training time that would require simply isn’t there.

Still, when I re-focused on this website, a little more than six months ago, I did so with the goal of becoming a full-time freelance writer, and that position is the beginning to that; plus it seems to be opening other doors.

But then I have this other job, and without going into detail I will tell you that situation isn’t going so well, and all of yesterday’s writing time went to correspondences so concerning. I’ve already spent another hour on it this morning, and that’s not going to be the end of it. In fact, it’s just the beginning. I’ve pushed back the four LT pieces I have on my desk, and I really do need to get my mind back to that. I’m not late on anything or tight on any deadlines, but like I said, the more I write, the more they’ll give me, and the more they give me, the more I’ll earn. Sadly, that is so much a part of it. With an endeavor like this, it isn’t what it’s all about, but it is certainly a part of it.

So, if I pull up short, or if I hit the archives more often than usual, it’s not because I’m not at it as diligently as I usually am, but because my time is so leveraged. Still, even when I’m working with words and phases like Ethereum, blockchain technology, distributed ledger, theoretical management, and guest-centered service, in my mind part of me is here with you, whiling away hours with talks of children’s antics, cultural oddities, and troubadour’s songs.

So keep Becky and me in your warm thoughts–prayers, if that’s what you have–and know that we’re out there making our shot. If I seem to be around here less than normal, all will be well, and you’ll know I’m not somewhere slacking.

God’s speed and so many blessings on your homes, my friends. Until soon.

4 Replies to “Where I am at present”

  1. Hi Pa, nice post. i loved it.
    congrts for getting more work with lending times.

    hv a great time and be happy WHERE EVER YOU ARE-


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