Looking for readers for The Situation with Phillip

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And just when it might have seemed like there was never going to be news concerning The Situation with Phillip, that’s exactly what we have. The novel now has a potential reader. Yes, it had a reader in the past, but up until now, as far as I know, that person has not read it. That’s why I say the novel has a “potential” reader. I do have more hope that this person has a better shot at finding it interesting enough to get through.

What’s more, I wouldn’t mind having a couple more readers. Anyone who is interested and serious can email me at paulelmo@hotmail.com. Put “Reading Phillip” in the subject line. I’ll look at all who respond and choose a couple that I really think will “get it.” Believe me, it’s going to take “special” heads to vibe on it. Most people are probably going to get to some point where they say, “I have no earthly idea what this dude is talking about right now.”

Still, I think those who don’t get to such a point will be quite rewarded. I never got there–I think any writer, especially of long form, has a chance to get there–and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I stopped writing for anyone other than myself with this one, and it really paid off. I’ve always loved this advice: “Write the book you want to read.” I don’t recall who said it, but I love it. Well, it isn’t quite there yet, but this is going to be the book that I want to read.

It isn’t complete. It has been through four drafts, and it needs one or two more; there is still some red-letter noting and direction even. Still, the basic gist can be gained, and questions of some points can be raised, especially with the philosophical parts.

So, if you think that’s something that would interest you, send me an email, and we’ll see if we can get it a little farther along.

Much love, many thanks. Until soon, my friends.

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