Bounty–a poem

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To be able to spend the early portion of my day
walking around the Capital Street area of Charleston…
To be afforded the purpose and opportunity
to stop by Taylor Books and pick up a text of contemporary poets;
Ginsberg and Komunyakaa, Soto and Hass;
and the need to follow that with a visit to Pro Art
to buy supplies at the urging of one
who might teach you a bit about turning jazz into a visual thing…
To be able to appreciate the bike cops,
situated, not without design, on benches over the cobblestones
to ensure the safe passage of one such as me…
To be able to appreciate, with respect to
a recently passed December that was so damn butt-ass cold,
the true blessing of mid-40s temperatures
and crisp, winter sunlight
on the 24th of January…
To be able to greet smiling faces
on a walk through the mall,
and to have the very luxury of
sharing a relaxing glass of Chardonnay
with a friend so seldom seen…
I’m pleased I’ve learned to see the bounty life offers
when it’s just normal and small
and to make my way home in its warmth.


This is from 2001. Hope you find some value. Much love, beautiful people. My prayers are for warmth and health. Until soon.

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