Grace Potter, the Nocturnals, and Steve for the Deaf

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Our friend, Steve for the Deaf, continues to turn me onto music I’d never been exposed to, and today he’s got me all about Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Those who think I know a bit about music, and who like to pick my brain in that regard, would be much better served checking out Steve’s site. He’s posting about the music of his life daily, adding insights and shading it with the historical context of his life. It certainly is worth the look.

So, here’s a link to Steve for the Deaf and a couple of Nocturnals’ tunes I rather fancy. Hope you enjoy. Be well, friends.

Steve for the Deaf website

2 Replies to “Grace Potter, the Nocturnals, and Steve for the Deaf”

    1. Loved the song. Love the site. It’s one thing I wish I had more music time for. Unfortunately, the technical writing part of my life doesn’t allow for music, and I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately, Btw, I loved the Steel Panther reference.

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