A view of now

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Oh what dregs from the poetry archives I’ve been feeding you people lately. Still, aside from the Strunk piece–which was entirely too obscure for anyone except deep down students of English to grasp–I’m pretty pleased with the stuff that I unearthed. No, it’s not my best stuff, but when I can go back 20 years and more and find things that are even worth considering is pretty satisfying for me.

Still, the lower number of new words on the website does bother me some. I can stay pretty cool with it in that it isn’t like I’m not writing. I’m about to finish what will be my fourth article for the folks at Lending Times in the last seven days, so there’s definitely work getting done. It does bother me, however; you have no idea how much I would love to just pass off my jigger and my wine key to the dude who will follow me behind at that bar.

It has been a long run, my friends, and while I have pretty much a dream situation in the world of bartenders, it’s still a situation in the world of bartenders.

I try not to think of what comes next and how it will look, knowing that I should just remain focus on the all too real blessings that I already have in place in my life. Sometimes I can’t help but imagine all the work I would get done if I were left here at this desk to let my mind and fingers go where they want for 50 hours a week, however–without the need to work a full-time job around that–and I promise God that if He allows me that situation, I’ll not let Him down.

In the meantime, it’ll be off to sling those drinks five nights a week, which means that sometimes you have to see the evidence that I was once a man who truly had no idea what the freak was going on or what living is really all about.

In that, I prove to myself that, when we just work hard and stay the course, positive change will happen.

Be well, you lovely people. I’m praying you have a stellar week. Until soon.

2 Replies to “A view of now”

  1. Yes i fully agree with you that if we all work hard and stay the course,Positive changes will happen in our life. No doubt about it. I am seeing lot of positive changes in your thought preocess- just be like this.

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