New job title on the horizon

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And just as soon as I have to struggle with being impatient to see what comes next on the path that leads away from that bar and to this desk, I get what looks like it might be part of the answer.

Mind you, this isn’t a done deal; right now it’s just a few words strung together in an e-mail; what comes of it will be up to me. Still, those words, Lead Feature Analysis Writer for Blockchain Times, fill me with a renewed vigor and drive.

Blockchain Times will be going live sometime within the week; it is another publication from the man who brings us Lending Times, George Popescu–also the CEO of Lampix, the Virtual Reality and Alternate Reality company. Allen Taylor, my editor at Lending Times and the man who will be heading up the new publication, says that the goal is for the publication to become the foremost authority on blockchain. Sounds like I should start studying.

And the great thing about it all for me with the whole deal is this: No matter what happens, whether this turns into reality or just fizzles, God’s will is going to be done. He’ll give me what I need to get me where He wants me. I’ve learned to be cool with that. I’ve also learned that, by being cool with it as it comes, it always comes good.

You’re beautiful, my friends, and I hope you keep me in your beautiful prayers and warm thoughts, as you remain ceaselessly in ours. I’ll keep you updated.

Until soon.


Blockchain Wikipedia Page


2 Replies to “New job title on the horizon”

  1. I love your confidence and trust in HIM when you say,’ He will give me what i need to get me where He wants me’.The more cool and silent you are the greater wisdom and courage you will have to reach where you want to reach. Take life as it comes to you and you will learn to deal with all unpredictable things in your life.

    Be happy and make happy others-Always! hv nice time,PA!

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