First day at the desk of The Blockchain Times


This morning I begin my first real day of work for The Blockchain Times (BCT). I have four articles due by Friday, and having just written the first paragraph of the first of these, I see how much more actual writing I’m going to be doing than I do with the pieces for The Lending Times (LT). Most of the articles I’ve written for LT have been crafted from interview notes. I have to know how to write well, and there are small amounts of value judgment and conclusion involved, but the structure is fairly set, and a lot of the writing is just quoting or re-wording what others have said.

These new articles, even those that have a prescribed list involved, are going to give me more space to make value-gauged analysis, and I’m really excited for the prospect.

I’m excited about it because this technology, the blockchain (bc), is going to make all of our lives better. That isn’t speculation; rather, it’s just the way it is. In fact, it’s already doing that; you may not realize that right now, but it’s true. What’s more, it’s  helping to better the lives of people who need it so much more than we. This technology is enabling goods and services to get to people who would otherwise not have them available. This technology is allowing people the freedom to use banking structures and medical technology and computer learning, when they would simply not have those options without it.

To quote Erik Voorhees in the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin, I know a lot of you think of bitcoin as “crazy Internet money.” That’s fine; I believe that if you so choose, you’ll be able to live the rest of your life without worrying what bitcoin is. Also, I realize that a large portion of the population has heard of blockchain technology but don’t have much of an idea what it is. I believe that this will be an everyday phrase for all of us ten years from now.

I believe 100% that all of our lives will be bettered by the tech, and I do believe that, with sober judgment and calm decision-making, there’s money to be made.

This is such a fun and fantastic journey I’m on, my friends, and I hope you’ll be able to join me at some point. You may not understand it all at first, but you’ll get it in time.

In the meantime, please keep me in your prayers. Like the essential design of the blockchain, I believe this work is for the good of all, and I hope my efforts can help with the application and understanding of it.

Be well, my friends. Until soon.

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