Second week on the new job

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The first day on a new job is never less than a stressful experience. That’s probably a truer statement when one has to actually go to a job site and interact with new people, but it was still true for me last week when I embarked on my new duties with Blockchain Times.

No, I wasn’t actually going to some brick and mortar location and working myself into a situation with people I didn’t know, who were already comfortable with the workings of the situation, but I was delving into territory that was new to me. It was also somewhat alien.

I began taking an interest in blockchain technology just three or so months ago, and I come into the job knowing so little of what there is to know. That made the prospect fearful.

Still, I waded right in, and I was surprised by what I found: I had every reason to be fearful. There was just so much information. Last Tuesday–which is what I consider to be the beginning of my freelance writing week–while going through the mid hours or what turned out to be a quite lengthy first assignment, I even texted Allen and told him I didn’t think I was going to be suited for the job. He and I spoke later–after I was farther along in the process–and he brought me back in.

It wasn’t a persuasive conversation; rather, our simply talking about the job lessened the grand nature of it, and I saw it just as I see any job, something to be set to and ground out.

At the end of the day–and as I wade into my second week of it–it’s just a job. Last week, I wrote three articles for three different publications. I was hoping for four or five, but life keeps on going, stuff happens…heck, babies even get born, don’t they, little miss Fiona Alexis Whitney? (She’s our new niece, who was born on Friday. All are home and doing well, and all the families appreciate any prayers you have.)

And then you get here, to the second week, and that which seemed so big is greatly lessened. The prospect of the work, therefore, is much less formidable.

Now, I can focus on the actual work and what it means. I think it’s important work. You might find this hard to believe right now, but I also believe that the word “blockchain” will be a part of your working vocabulary ten years from now, and I mean to say that about everyone who reads these words. You may never buy a bitcoin or invest in any other cryptocurrency in any way, but that doesn’t mean that your lives, the lives of everyone, are not going to be bettered by blockchain technology. I believe they are.

Right now, it’s a fair assumption that Ethereum is the highest advancement on that line, and if Ethereum isn’t in some way making your life better as we speak, I’m pretty sure it will be soon. And you won’t even know it.

If something I do or write leads you to start asking some questions so concerning, it’d be worth all the stress I went through last week and will possibly go through later. A basic understanding is fairly easy to achieve, but I warn you, if you have an inquisitive mind, you won’t stop there.

I’ve attached links to Blockchain Times (BT) and Lending Times (LT). I don’t believe my byline has made BT yet, and I haven’t written any blockchain centered-pieces for LT, but there are things so focused available on both sites, and I’m here if you have any questions. I can’t guarantee I’ll have an answer for you, but I’ll bet we can find somebody smart who will.

On another note, I’m looking to grow my network, friends. You can friend me on Facebook (Paul Elmo Keenan), connect with me on LinkedIn (Paul Keenan), or follow me here at I’d appreciate your consideration of those.

I hope that you are all so entirely and contentedly well, my friends. I hope this day just straight up smacks you in the face with blessings and good fortune, that your children are well and the house is warm.

I’ll see you back here sometime soon.

2 Replies to “Second week on the new job”

  1. Congrats for you new assignment with Blockchain Times.Congrats for newly born baby Fiona.All these things must be keeping you busy. But as i always say.Spent just 15min alone with you and it will keep all your stress off and make you full of energy.

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