A tip for getting on the “call them back” list

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Here is a tip for telemarketing companies, at least for me. I can’t speak for anyone else–although I imagine that everyone else agrees–but this is something that might help you if you ever are going to have any chance of getting me on the phone with the hopes of selling me something, giving me something, or having me participate in a study or survey.

And I even have to preface that, because I really don’t want to give you the idea that you have any reason to waste your time. You really shouldn’t bother; even if you make the change I’m going to suggest, there really isn’t much hope for you. What you should do is put my number on the do not call list, as I’ve asked, but since you seem to not be able to do that, I feel beholden to give you this little piece of advice.

I’m not much on giving advice; you have to understand that. I think that doing so is a conceited thing to do. Yes, there are cases where advice is warranted, even helpful; still, I kind of buy in to the saying that there is no sense in giving advice because wise men don’t need it and fools won’t heed it.

Still, here we are, and if you’re going to continue to call, I think it behooves me to say this. If you fail to place my number on the do not call list and you call…. If I don’t answer the phone–which I won’t because the only reason to do so would be to tell you to put me on the do not call list, and we already see how well that works–and you think it’s going to help to leave me a message–It can’t hurt; if I don’t know the number and you don’t leave a message, there’s no way I’m calling back–there is no way I’m going to call you back if you only leave the second half of the message.

I push the play button, and this happy computer lady’s voice starts in mid-sentence, “…if you’d like to hear more about our product, please call us at….” If I’d like to hear more? If I’d like to hear more of what? If I’d like to hear more than “…if you’d like to hear more about our product…” How would I know if I’d like to hear more about your product, I don’t even know what your product is. If I’d like to hear more? If there’s anything I’d like to hear from you right now, it might be the first half of the message. I can’t imagine it will tell me about anything I’d be interested in, but just knowing what the first half of the message was is more interesting than whatever product they might be hawking.

So, that’s just a little tip for you companies with your happy computer ladies. If you’re gonna call, record the entire message on my machine. Who knows you might get lucky; I might put you on my “call them back” list.

Oh well, friends; that’s just a little something that miffs me. I started to sat it cheeses me, but it doesn’t even know that; it just miffs me. It makes me wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

Hey, I hope you’re well and that the weekend offers plenty of relaxation and pleasant diversion. I’ll see you around here soon.

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