Call for relief for a grieving family


I know we walk through a world where everyone seems to have a hand out looking for some help, and we have to careful when deciding where our benevolent contributions go. I think this is a worthy cause. Little Noah was six years old when he was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. That was January 1st. Noah passed away in February. His mother left work upon his diagnosis, so the family is understandably strained financially. Being the father of a six year-old boy myself, i can’t imagine what they are going through, but I know that financial stress doesn’t make it any easier. I also know that none of you is just sitting on a pile of extra cash, but if we could all just give five or ten bucks, it could really move this needle. Thank you for the consideration, and please keep these folks in your prayers.

Thanks again and God bless.



Noah’s GoFundMe page

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