One single atom (verses of belief)–a poem

Image result for pictures of people dancing

One single atom
got bored one day
and wondered what it would be like
to Be all the rest of them too
and saw that by exploding Himself out there,
banging big, one might say,
He could do and be and feel

At play with Himself,
He became light and
the bodies that make it
and set it apart from the darkness,
which is something He became as well.
He became the mass that
made the sound
and the water
that sought to shape
the shapeless babble.
He became things that breathed and fed.
Then, He made me, and
with a gentle push into the world,
He said, “I think you’ll like the dance floor.”

4 Replies to “One single atom (verses of belief)–a poem”

    1. Thanks, Ravi. Yeah, I liked that image too; that kinda looks like a perfect world to me, jubilant people dancing with abandon. I always appreciate your readibg and commenting. You have a great day, as well.

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