Snow Days

The view from down on the walk

I really don’t mind a whole bunch of snow. Our present snow comes on my two days off from tending bar, yesterday and today, which means Becky and the boys are here when I’d normally have the place to myself to work. I don’t mind at all.

We’re currently past ten inches, and probably at a foot. The Governor called for a state of emergency this morning, which means that you should only be on the roads if you need to be, and the snow is forecast to continue fairly solid until 7 PM, about three and a half hours from now. It looks like we might end up with something upwards to a foot and a half. I’m as cool and the gang with all that.

The power has stayed on, and we do a pretty good job of staying stocked up on food and other essentials; plus, while I haven’t walked all the way out to it, the road looks plenty passable is we should really need to get out.

And yesterday we did have the most relaxing day off. I have now played The Game of Life, which I had never done previously. I can also report that I’m a bit of a Game of Life junkie, and I can’t wait until today’s showdown. I won the first contest, but what is more, we got through it without any fighting. It isn’t that we fight a lot, but I recall many instances in all of my past when game-playing led to hurt feelings and anger; there was nothing like that.

Then, we all finished the day crashed in the living room by the time the credits ran on the Justice Leaguemotion picture.

Before, around, and between those two events, there was just a lot of nothing; Beck and I both napped in and out of episodes of Good Luck Charlie with Simon, and food was prepared when anyone was ready for food, all hodgepodge and lazy.

Not a bad day at all. When people have a hard time believing how many hours I’ve been putting in lately, in my drive to change careers, I tell them it’s so that I can have the freedom to enjoy such opportunities when they arise; the one great comfort I take from working many hours is that, when a time comes that I don’t want to work, I won’t have to. That was the case yesterday and today, and I’m pretty OK with it all.

Hope you’re safe and well. Until soon with love.

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