My latest success as a writer

I am so pleased; I have recently achieved a level of success as a technical writer that is more important than the others. It’s made more pleasant that it wasn’t a level of success that I would have to thought to achieve.

I’ve been writing for Lending Times and Blockchain Times almost six months now, and the moments of success have been sweet, especially since this is not work I ever imagined I’d be doing and I came into it knowing nothing about any of this. I began to make a little money at it, and that was a success. I learned some of the technology and terminology, and that was a success. I was asked to be the Lead Feature Analysis Writer for BC Times, and that was a success, and there is another expansion of my duties forthcoming,and that will be a success.

And it all took a lot of concentration; in fact, it took so much concentration that I couldn’t listen to music while I did the work. I’d get too distracted, so I had to work in silence.

But, now we have this latest success. I’ve gotten familiar enough with the themes that I can turn the music back on. You talk about something that matters; I consider this a successful point indeed. Thank ya, Lord.

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