This often strange dance with the pen

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I’m at an odd place with my writing. It might be a kind of writing block, but all the evidence tells me that I can’t really think I’m suffering from that; I wrote three articles for Blockchain Times in the last week, and I have a gaggle of ideas of posts for here on the website; still, I’m hesitant to pull the punch.

The ideas that I have for the website interest me, yet I don’t find them all that interesting. I think I might be really changing my focus. You hear that thing about economists, that all they want to talk about is economics, and I’m thinking that what I might be experiencing is similar to that. I’m pretty entrenched in what all blockchain is doing, and other points of focus don’t seem as important as those.

Still, I’ll write. I know I will because I always do. These words here are proof. It’s what we do; we just sit down and start punching keys, and then the feeling grows and the hurdles disappear. What a wonderful feeling it is to see that it still works and that there is no end to the sea of words in sight. What a sense of empowerment I take from knowing that I’m cool with the call I’ve answered and that there’s a viable future out there for me by just doing the thing that is most natural for me to do.

And like that, we get better, and what hadn’t seemed interesting does so once again. Thanks for meeting me here, friends. This one really means a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for a new album review on the horizon. And it won’t just be any album review; this gem, from 1979, is just about as close to a perfect rock and roll album as I’ve ever heard. I’m listening to it right now, again for the umpteenth time; it never gets old, and it’s always interesting.

Be well, my lovelies, and, truly, thanks again. You’re in my prayers.

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