The real drawback of nudism

While I don’t know for certain, I imagine that I know people who have been to a nude beach or a nudist colony. Still, not being one of those things people talk about, I don’t know for sure. No matter what, I can’t imagine I’ve met or know that many people who have done so; it just doesn’t seem like something that everyday folks do. Who knows, maybe I’ve just gotten that impression because it isn’t a thing that people choose to talk about openly. Maybe you’re all out there right now, fond memories of your nakedness warming you alongside thoughts that you ain’t never gonna tell this fool that, not only did you spend some time in a nudist colony…but ya liked it, and you like your happy naked thoughts too.

Still, I don’t think that’s the case. I think that the case is that I’ve encountered a few people in my day who have had such an experience–only because I’ve known a lot of people in this world–but most of us haven’t.

That sounds about right, wouldn’t you say?

Now, if that’s the case, who are all these people who know to say things like, “Yeah, but the bad thing about a nudist colony is that the people there aren’t the people you want to see naked”? How do they know? I mean, I can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard this sentiment over the years, but I have to think it was said by people who have never had a nudist experience.

I heard it most recently said by a radio DJ, just the other day, and I had to wonder this. I don’t have any idea that the dude has ever been in a nudist situation—maybe he has, but I kinda doubt it—and still he says this.

And I’m still just wondering how would he know. The reason I wonder is because I don’t think that would be the worst part of it for me. For me, the worst part would have nothing to do with what all the other naked people looked like; the worst part for me would be the problems of modesty. I don’t care if I was as chiseled as a piece for garden granite and built like a Greek god, the biggest drawback for me would be all of those people looking at me naked.

That’s just a thought.

I would be interested to talk to some people who have been in such a situation; I’d like to hear what they think the worst thing actually is. Maybe there’s nothing bad about it at all; maybe it’s just one big ol’ utopia with everybody just a’dancin’ an’ frollickin’ an’ forgettin’ all about everything. Mayhap it’s so.

2 Replies to “The real drawback of nudism”

  1. I had a girlfriend in the 80’s whose sister lived in a clothing optional apartment complex. She would stay with her sister at times, and expect me to visit her there. Fortunately I was allowed to use the clothing option. I learned there to look people in the eyes instead of elsewhere. Beautiful nudists and ugly nudists were both present and both rare. They were very normal people with a wide range of jobs and interests. They were generally more confident and happy than most. It rook me to the age of 60 to try it for myself. If you are curious, there is probably a nudist park or camp near you. Be brave. There are more nudists than you realize.

    1. Thanks for weighing in. Don’t think I’ve reached that level of bravery yet, but it’s a long life; one never knows. Hope you have a stellar day.

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