Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond on VH1’s Storytellers–Caution, quite tasteless and offensive humor

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Yes, this is quite tasteless and offensive humor, but it has long been one of my favorite SNL sketches, and it’s not that easy to come by. I did a little bit of this the other night the bar, and Paul Z went home, found it–or at least as much as I have seen on the Internet–and texted it to me. He found it on ebaumsworld.com, and we give thanks to those folks for sharing the laughs. John Goodman and Tim Meadows also serve the piece well, as those men do with any role they play.

I was so happy, and I knew I’d probably get around to sharing it with you. Please do heed the warning; there are dark things here that could possibly prove traumatic for some viewers. Others of you are going to just about pee yourselves. You’ll see why I thought it was worth sharing.

Laugh much, my friends.



4 Replies to “Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond on VH1’s Storytellers–Caution, quite tasteless and offensive humor”

  1. It’s impossible to find a version of this video that doesn’t have the very end cut off. I saw it on SNL when it first aired, and at the very end of the original, right he after yells out ” I killed a hobo to get an erection”, he also yells out “I put clown makeup on my penis.” I have searched high and low for the original version, but to no avail.

    1. I know, man. I waited the longest time just to get this much. They haven’t put it on any of his compilation pieces; I guess they think it’s too tasteless. I love it. Let me know if you ever come across the full thing. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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