First look at paper copy of The Philosophical Verses

I got to see my first print copy of The Philosophical Verses on Friday (thanks Mike Wynne and Dwayne Litzenberger) and got my own copy for perusal yesterday in the mail. I’m really pleased with the result. The pagination is good, and Beth Ann Holbrook’s cover is just perfect. I do have a couple of changes to make, and then I’ll be making copies and have them for sale at the bar. Thanks to the dozens of you who have purchased a copy thus far.

I’d appreciate the support or your purchase; even if you have no idea that you’d ever get around to reading such a thing, your purchase and social media sharing can help the cause just as much as someone who reads and loves every word. Please, if we have mutual friends who might also be interested to find out what ever did become of me, I’d really love it if you let them know. Thanks. I hope something there touches your soul.

Love and prayers.



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