Dandelions and Social Media–a new poem

God blew a dandelion,
and people went scattering all over
space and time,
with no damage done to
the memories of who they once knew
and where they once were.

And we all looked around dazedly
somewhat searching for those we once saw regularly
but not really wondering all that much that
we didn’t just then see them
because we saw other faces
and places in time.

But the memories remained, and
as we walked down streets and ate restaurant take-out
and went to work and the movies,
we couldn’t shake the feeling that this
might not exactly be
where we were supposed to be
and that just because people are near
it doesn’t make them any more special.

And then the men took the fruit from the tree
and created the online service
for us to be near those little pieces of the dandelion
we had once been near,
but time had moved,
and juxtapositions had shifted,
and a lot of it was still sad.

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