Realizing goals is great, but not at the expense of something better

I am not one of those “Realize your goals, and don’t accept anything less” people. Actually, I might be one of those people; what I’m certainly not, however, is one of those “Realize your goals, and don’t settle for anything more” type of people. What I mean to say is this: Goals are good to have, but I’m not going to doggedly hold onto a goal when something better comes along.

An example of this can be found in the Weekend Album Reviews section of this website. I wrote the first of these reviews in September, and I set a goal sometime around there to review one album a week for a year. Having set up this website to help me be a more financially successful writer, however, it seemed prudent to set that goal aside when actual paying gigs started presenting themselves. That’s what I did.

So, I had a goal that was part of the process to get me to a desired point, but I got to that point quicker another way; in that scenario, holding onto the one goal would have been detrimental to the ultimate goal. I had a goal, but I settled for something more, and I got closer to the ultimate goal quicker.

It would have been cool to write 52 album reviews in 52 months, but earning money is cooler.

Still, there will be a new album review coming soon, maybe as early as tomorrow. It’s a review of a new release that is the only thing I’ve been listening to for about two weeks. Watch for it.

Love you, friends, and I appreciate your support greatly with your support of the book and all.

Until soon, with prayers from here.

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