The Philosophical Verses Table of Contents












I gotta tell you how much I’m digging this collection of verses I’ve put together. Every time I thumb through it (three or four times so far), I’m just so pleased with the run of it. It’s a greatest hits collection; I honestly didn’t put one piece in it that didn’t feel like it had to be there. All of them, while they might not be perfect pieces–some of them are quite broken in fact–they are such good pieces for me. A lot of that is due to things that I know and which you can never know, so I realize there’s no way you’re ever going to appreciate these as much as I do; still, there’s enough strong stuff to make me think that most people could read the whole thing and be pleased that they did so, warts and all.

Some of you have bought it, but not nearly as many as I would like. I certainly would appreciate it if you did, and, like I’ve said elsewhere, it isn’t about your reading it; I’d be happier if you bought it and didn’t read it than if you didn’t buy it at all.

And here is the Table of Contents of these 50 sets of verse that I’m so proud to have written. I hope it inspires your interest. Much love, many thanks.




With Slippers on His Feet and a Cup of Herbal Tea



Reasons to Slam

In Memory of Bambino’s Clubhouse

Ziggle Zaggle 

Correspondence with Charlotte, North Carolina

Drinkslinger’s Lament



Child’s Play

Concert of the Night

She Never Made it as a Teacher

Just that much or Something Similar

Nonexistent Beaches (Abridged)

Thoughts Inspired by Lorca

We were born inside a song


Muted, Yet Splashing


…and it always goes back to the scattering

A Matter of Character

Tomorrow, Dad



Misery’s Company

Sometimes We All Get So Fearful (A song for a friend)

Downstairs in the Fridge

Things for Which the Poet Was Looking


On this date in history

A House I Didn’t See

Sweet Dreams

Keeping Up with the Beckners

Poetry Slam at the Empty Glass

Without the Need of Feet

High as Brown Bread

The Fit of Skin in the Present Day

Sick Bath

Off Of and Behind Us (For a Friend in Time of Trouble, but It’s Really for All of Us)

Feed it to the Birds

There sits the bottle

If we could just be like amoebas

A Weapon of Words

Punctuation Questions

Empty Streets

Carpet Dope

Thoughts of my Mother


A Thought In The Quest For Patience

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