Canada’s Glorious Sons Bring it “Heavy”

The Glorious Sons


Paul Z and I were installing a new computer a couple of days ago, and there was a good bit of talk about music. We’re both rockers, but he leans a little closer to speed metal, while I am prefer more straight ahead rock and roll. Still, I can’t recall anything band that we don’t agree on–besides the fact that I can’t stand System of a Down.

The evening hit on Gojira, which he had already turned me onto favorably, and then he shared a bit of Mastadon, whom I hadn’t listened to before and found to be fine. Then, toward the end of the night he asked me if I knew anything about Greta Van Fleet, and I told him how I had seen the band live at The Chameleon Club last summer.

We played a bit from those guys, and I asked him if he’d heard anything about The Glorious Sons. He hadn’t. How fun, getting to turn someone onto a band that really makes my socks roll up and down.

The Glorious Sons are the Canadian band that opened for GVF when Colby and I saw them, and they really are something worth turning someone onto.

I love bands like The Sons because they give me a place to point when people lament that rock and roll is dead. Those two groups of young men combined to play 24 songs that night and not one of them was bad, and all of them were rock and roll. Out of them all, even with all those classic-sounding Greta tracks, the song that possibly best epitomizes rock and roll for me is the Sons’ track “Heavy.” I thought you might like to hear it. Then you’ll have one more place to point when they lament the death of rock and roll.

Peace and Hair Grease, my lovelies.

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