Pitching a short story–“The Tragedy of Lambchop Jones”

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(Picture from J.M. Todaro)

Here is my query letter for the new story I’ve written, “The Tragedy of Lambchop Jones.” I wrote much of this while mowing recently. I hope it sounds like something you’d be interested in reading, and I hope even more it gets picked up so you can do just that.

Much love, friends.

Thanks always for your interest.


Paul Elmo Keenan
Orrtanna, PA

July 6, 2018

Dear editor,

People who only knew Lambchop Jones by name were usually surprised to find out that he was white, which made him always wonder what it was like to be black. Being born one step up the social ladder—poor white trash—he thought it was probably easier for him to imagine than it was for others, but he still thought he really had no idea that he could come close to doing it. Time would bring an event into his life that would help him with that.

Many thought the great tragedy of Lambchop’s life was that an accident after high school ended his promising football life, which included a scholarship to a Division 1 program—and hopefully even the NFL after that—but the true tragedy was further into the future.

“The Tragedy of Lambchop Jones” offsets what is perceived as tragedy and what is true tragedy, while reminding us that, when tragedy visits any of us, so many of the things that seem important are proven to not be so.

A BA graduate in English (Professional Writing Option) from West Virginia State University, I am the Lead Feature Analysis Writer for Blockchain Times. I have also published with byline in Lending Times and The Fayette Tribune in the last year, and I have submitted ghostwriting work to Sharestates.

Despite being new to the short story market, I have written ten or 15 stories over the years. I have also written a novel, a stage play, 150 or so poems. I write; it’s what I do. I pride myself on my ability to use commas and deliver clean manuscripts, and my copy of The Elements of Style is always handy.

I appreciate your time and consideration.


Paul Elmo Keenan

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