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My dear friends,

I’ve been anxiously waiting to tell you that I am an now writing analysis for My posts appear in the site’s blog. I didn’t want to mention it until my first article posted, which happened this morning. I’m still the lead analysis writer for Blockchain Times.

It’s been a crazy nine months since I started business analysis writing, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown for learning the things I have and gaining these interests.

I try not to bother you too much with talk of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency–as I know only about five percent of you are concerned–but it really is where my writing focus currently lies.

I do think the future will see vastly more of you interested in such things, and my faith in the technology is such that I don’t have to force it down anyone’s throat. Doing so just feeds the notion that it’s some kind of ponzi scheme. I guess it is for the day trader and get rich quick types, but we who have faith in the tech know that people will get there in time.

I’ll be there if you do, and now is one of the places you can find me.

Be well, my friends. Until soon.

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