And so it begins. I shudder to begin this next chapter of my writing life with a title that is dangerously close to referring to myself in the third person, and if the title weren’t so fitting I wouldn’t use it. Still, the title feels like exactly where I am right now.

I messaged some with our good friend StevefortheDeaf the other day, and this 2.0 version is how I described what it felt like I would be getting into. Honestly, it’s more like 5.0 or 6.0, but it’s just the second phase since I’ve taken my writing online like this, our little experiment as I’ve come to think of it.

And there has been a break. The blockchain and crypto writing sphere has slowed, as does much of the business world does in these late summer months; where I published eight or more articles in March, I’m down to two or three a month at present. This doesn’t concern me, as I know I’m not incredibly far from the ground floor of this space, and just spending more time in the realm, learning and growing, is sufficient for now. I have every faith that I’ll have all the good-paying work I can handle five years from now.

There has been a slow down in the creative writing realm also, and that has largely centered around getting the boys back to school. Finn, who hasn’t been without his behavioral issues, just started middle school, and I’ve wanted to make myself more available for him during that transition. About four weeks in now, and, while he isn’t setting the world on fire, he’s making the adjustment, and his behavior hasn’t been awful.

Which brings me back around to what comes next.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how well things have gone to this point. It has now been about 15 months since I retrained my focus on, and, while I had no idea of how to go about creating and maintaining a website last July, I’ve learned so much and am poised to create a solid product going forward.

The big thing that happened in the time since I began the website last July and when I queried out the novel, The Situation with Phillip, last September, was getting hooked up with Allen Taylor at Taylored Content, who serves as editor of Blockchain Times and Lending Times. That has been the big game changer.

They say that an easy way for a man to get God to laugh is to tell him your plans. Starting to work for Allen, beginning to write on all the topics I’ve covered for him (Financial Lending, Real Estate Crowdfunding, Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrency) is a reminder of just that. I had this idea of the best way to become a full-time freelance writer, and I was closing myself off to what all I didn’t know was possible.

And that’s where I start this new leg of the journey, this 2.0 version. I have an idea of where my pen should take me, but I’m not going to close my mind to what all possibility awaits.

The idea is that most of my writing with be business and technology-based, but a better idea is that my writing is going to be based on where the money is. Sure, I’d like to sit and write about rock and roll and my kids all day, but this is a business, and in business we do what makes money.

It isn’t if that means that all the enjoyment is taken from me. I really dig writing and studying about blockchain, so I think that, whatever God has in store for me, I’ll be able to enjoy what I do. Then, who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll be able to spend more time writing about music and life in general.

Whatever comes, I’m excited, and I’m forever grateful that you’ll be along for the ride. You can’t imagine what all that means to me, and I love you for it. I’ll see you back here sometime soon.

Until then, hugs and prayers.

7 Replies to “ 2.0”

    1. Thanks, Steve-o. If it starts with this site getting ten more friends like you, it’ll be rocking along again indeed. I don’t get too far out there into the old WordPress community, so you can take this with the fitting amount of salt, but you’re a giant and an ambassador around these parts as far as I’m concerned. Last night, I decompressed and just got a little lost in your archives, and it was just fine poppy to the soul, my brother. You understand that thing I was talking about with the Quireboys; the Ramones had it, AC/DC, Lemmy…that smallness in the largeness, that it’s too important to take it too seriously, and taking it less seriously shows just how serious it is. What a wonderful way to live, eh? Thanks and so much for everything, sir. Cheers.

  1. This is awesome, sometimes you need to go with the flow. Not that it’s all about the money, but if doing the technical writing helps to boost awareness of your other work… so be it. I’m grateful I have had a front row seat for this and have seen you grow in tech knowledge, and in the crypto-market, have certainly surpassed my understanding in many ways. Onward and upward my friend.

    1. Thank you, brother. Quite fun journeys we find ourselves on, eh? Looking forward to seeing what all lies ahead and stacking up that cash. Thanks always for reading and commenting.

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