Where what comes next begins and getting back to the drafting of the novel

My dear friends, my dear, dear friends. How very good it is to meet you here. I mean that so much. How very good it is for me to come to this page knowing you are on the other side of its message. These words are the very beginning of the 2.0 version of my online writing efforts.

The actual beginning of this next phase came two weeks ago with the last post on this site, but that was just the introduction; this is where things actually begin.

And, interestingly enough, this next phase begins with the first mention of The Situation with Phillip, my novel, which, until today, I hadn’t looked at for about a year. This is my first mention of the novel since January, so newer readers of the blog probably don’t know anything about it.

I’m not going to go too deeply into detail about the novel (it has its own category on the site for those who care to know more about it); rather, I’m just going to announce that it has now been read by a human being.

Our dear friend Bob Benscoter recently became the first person to read a novel that I wrote. That’s a pretty cool thing to be able to say. Not only did Bob read the novel, he also made notes.

He and I sat down for a three-hour lunch today, and I answered his questions and listened to his comments, while he answered some of my own questions. Now, I’m just jazzed about the prospect of getting these last two or three drafts done and seeing what this thing looks like when all is said and done.

I honestly hadn’t looked at the novel since I queried it out to an agent–to which I got an excellent rejection–last September, but since our conversation revealed that I wasn’t certain exactly how it ended, I just re-read the last chapter. I’m pleased with the ending, and I’m ready to get back to drafting the book.

So, that’s going to be a big factor in what happens at this desk during the coming months. Crypto and technology writing projects are still my primary focus, and I love writing blog posts, but the I’m hoping to have a decent amount of time to apply to the novel.

You’ll be the first to hear about it all, and I appreciate your keeping my efforts in your warm thoughts and prayers.

Thanks again for meeting me here.

Until soon.

2 Replies to “Where what comes next begins and getting back to the drafting of the novel”

  1. This is very interesting. I never knew about this novel. Why dont you publish it or keep it ready in pdf format. I wud like to read it. You can fix a price for book in pdf format!
    I hv done it for my books and people are buying and reading it in pdf format!
    Hv a grt time ,PA!

    1. That’s certainly a consideration down the line, Ravi, but first I want to try to get an agent. I have a whole career available for representation, I have two book-length memoirs, a complete stage play, and this novel, plus I have four other good novel starts, each of which I could have a good working draft in a couple of months. I’d love for you to read it. Give me an email address, and I’ll send you a PDF file.

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