What to do with kids

We have six kids at the house today, and it’s a great reminder of just what is important when taking care of children. We typically only have an 11 year-old (almost 12) and a seven year-old, and being that they are brothers–or siblings of those ages and any gender–the only thing we have to do with them is keep them from bugging the piss out of each other to the limits of screams and tears.

This group reminds me of the more basic universal needs when the mean age of the children is lower. The ages represented here are, roughly, one, three, seven, seven, nine, 11, and 12, giving us a mean age of seven; that, of course, is weighted by the one and three year-olds.

Still, what I’m reminded of is this: When you’re dealing with a largish groups of small people, remembering one rule will help keep everything else moving along more smoothly. That rule is this: Keep the food coming.

These kids are blessed that I believe in keeping a lot of food on hand, because they need it. Sure, the three year-old isn’t happy until he has all of the toys out, but for the most part, food is what you need.

So, this is just a friendly reminder; if you happen to be slated to care for such a lot, and you haven’t done it for a while, stock up on the grub. Them bad lads will take care of it.

Love ya, folks. Thanks for reading.

  • This link is to a picture of Fiona, our almost one year-old niece.


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