A quick catch-up

Wonderful shadow photo by Rod Martinez - Light Patterns: Cast Shadows | Shutterbug
I borrowed the picture from shutterbug.com

I just want to check in to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. We’ve had a couple of obstacles of late, and I’ve learned well when to put the pen down. We’re progressing on both fronts, and both situations will be resolved positively by the end of the week. One of them involves a tree limb and my Corolla. I’ll tell you about the other one next Tuesday or Wednesday, but I will say this: It’s a crime story.

It’s also a story of faith, and it is indeed a story. We’ve been living it, and I began writing it last week. I’m anxious to get back to it once all is taken care of. More than that, I’m anxious for you to read it. It’s a crazy world sometimes…indeed.

But, we are well, and I hope you are also. Prayers from here…until we see each other soon.

Brazos de Pablo

2 Replies to “A quick catch-up”

    1. It’s coming. It’s still being told. I’ll let you know when it posts. It’s going to be quite the long story. Not as long as it has been to live it, however.

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