Ozzy featured on Latest Post Malone Song, “Take What You Want”

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I’m too old to know a lot about Post Malone. Still, I have a 12 year-old son, so I do know of him. For the old fogies who read this, Post Malone is a contemporary music superstar whose many hats include singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer.

Finn has shown some interest in my music, so I’ve tried to learn some of what’s in the Top 40 these days. Post Malone is one artist he’s shared with me, so I did know something of him prior to his latest song, a collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne.

Having heard that, I’ve listened to some of his stuff, and I’ve found there is worse music that my kids could be listening to.

And now he’s teamed up with Ozzy, and, man, anybody who is responsible for bringing new Ozzy vocals to my speakers is OK in my book.

So, here’s that song, “Take What You Want.” I’ve also added a couple of other songs from each man, so the Ozzy fans can get and idea of what Post is all about, and vice versa. Hope it helps. Much love, friends. See you soon.

“Take What You Want” by Post Malone, featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott
“Shot in the Dark” is an excellent Ozzy song for those
who haven’t delved too deeply into his catalog.
“Hollywood’s Bleeding” is the title track from Post Malone’s latest album.
“Circles,” the third single from Hollywood’s Bleeding, shows Malone’s pop sensibilities.
“Road to Nowhere” is an often forgotten classic from the Ozzy catalog.

2 Replies to “Ozzy featured on Latest Post Malone Song, “Take What You Want””

  1. I don’t know how but despite seeing posts all over about Ozzy working with Post Malone I haven’t actually heard the song. Love Ozzy though. So I’m listening now to it thanks to you. Heard his new single this morning and kinda liked it. Shot in the Dark though that’s a big slice of nostalgia.

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